My #Oscars Weekend Rundown – Glam x Good Times

Oscars weekend was a blast!

Day 1: The Wilsons

Day 1: The Wilsons

Friday I hit the ground and headed straight to my work location to get ready for Glam. We always have a great time in our Glam sessions, going over all the elements to get the right look and making sure every detail is perfect. As we work and laugh our way though the process it’s always crunch time in the end, leaving us to scurry out of the door! Can’t be late to the Carpet because that’s where the magic happens!

Day 2: Glam.Or.Ring™ is always in the picture!

Then amidst all the Chaos, sometimes it’s good to take a moment to let the dust settle.

Started my 2nd Day with a mid-morning meeting. Had a great conversation with amazing people then headed to Malibu with my “compadre”! We had the perfect afternoon nibbling on tapas and sipping kale and champagne cocktails!

I was almost salivating! Yummy! 

It was a well- deserved breath of fresh air! And of course we are just so cool! Lol!
We ended our day over dinner enjoying Korean BBQ with some much cooler people… ha ha.

It was so sad to say goodbye to this magnificent day, but fashionistas must get their sleep so they are prepared to slay!

Day 3: Today is the big day! I woke up super excited about my day… Ready to create and bring my magic to a truly magical evening.

My work station

It’s that time again for the very best artists and creators to be celebrated and exalted for their unparalleled contribution to the world through entertainment. So I started my morning inspired… after 2 cups of coffee! Lol…

So after the team’s fun, creative and sometimes chaotic process; we have created a moment… an unforgettable moment for two amazing people!

They look like a dream!





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